A Love Story . . .

Please, he says, don’t leave, just stay, a moment more, words whispered silently, for himself.
    She did not move, she did not stay, tracing footprints; she left for tomorrow, yesterday.
Can you see our star, he points to one, see it there, north, of just forever.
    Large blue and silent, a rose-tinted moon, consumed all of her visible skies.
He wonders, if she wonders, as he feels himself falling, all over, once again, and more. 
    Whirling away, rejecting old memories, for her future, an innocence, she recalled.
There were the kisses, a thousand, if not, placed on lips, that had once, held his name.
    Humming an old song, her eyes, now closed, for someone, that only, she knows.
Come with me, his voice the question, lets’ sail away to there, the starred horizon.
    Soaring beyond, where trades blow cold, past a coppered star; she’ll seize the morning.
Take hold my hand, I will gather you near, from there we will know, until the darkness is light.
    Slippers of silk, ribbons of lace, she danced not for him, but for in the eyes of him, another.
Night comes crisp, awake, he lies listening, for echoes of stars, as they fall from his sky.
    Smiling, lips parted, lost in the day, she waits, to come back around, before changing her name.
Places, words, sweaters she wore, scent of her hair, taste on her breath; he remembers them all.
    Autumn leaves, misplaced in fall, not in his eyes, she watches herself; forget how he smiled.
Do you know, could you know, how long I have loved you, his heart, asks that question, of hers.
    Dream of me, when you are all alone, she had whispered twice, to him, once before.


Copyright © 1975-2020 RG Dillon. All Rights Reserved.

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