Last Song

On the wings of a princess
I stole through the night
Faraway lands of mystic delight
To arms we fight legends
So long ago lost
They live deep inside
In all of our fears

Maidens so fair
We kneel at their feet
Swords drawn for the just
For their honor we fight
In the battle royal
Blades sing the last song
Of a warrior’s blood lust

A Queens’s love compels us
Common soul’s no more
Nobles give of themselves
Knights sealed in black armor
United each in life till death
Flesh becomes our shield
Dust our failed conquest

Twilight gives way to morn
Our fallen foes we do tribute
My bold stead rises true
Horror reflects in her eyes
All for the love of a woman
We have sacrificed this day
Till silence is all that remains

Copyright © 1975-2020 RG Dillon. All Rights Reserved.

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