In The Night

Like a stranger in a distant land
Rhythms beat all through my head
Glistening in the darkened light
Her temptress gaze does draw me in

Sounds to keep her body flowing
Fingers entwined up in the air
Hips are swaying pacing the beat
Her heat is calling me from the edge

Linen clings to rising mounds
Moistened with a soul’s desire
Droplets trace her haunting form
Setting fires deep in my chest

Her mystic eyes tease my senses
Crimson lips whisper my name
I feel her warmth so close to me
As electric sounds cloud my brain

I reach to touch her painted hair
My breath is fooled into escape
Soft hands alight upon my face
Heaven’s touch is here with me

A crashing light turns me around
Spins me back to find my time
From the underworld, I cross to here
I’m a stranger in the night-time air

Copyright © 1975-2020 RG Dillon. All Rights Reserved.

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