Ice Blue

I can only remember her face
For a few moments after I wake
After a good deep slumbers rest
I should remember her name
But as the sunlight comes alive
The thought of her fades away

With her silky light brown hair
Tinged with a deep dark blond
To her cute little button nose
How I love her ice blue eyes
Her attention is always to me
When the sandman calls at night

It’s the same thing that we share
In her cozy three room flat
With its crooked little rooms
And those faded paper walls
Her warm body always flows
And never far from my own

For twenty times or more
Her visits seem so real
She smiles as we play together
From the bedroom to the couch
Giving me her velvet touch
Though it’s only in my dreams

Not a living person I know
Resembles my night time girl
With her cotton candy smell
As her face is so close to mine
I wish that I could know her
When the daylight comes to call

Copyright © 1975-2020 RG Dillon. All Rights Reserved.

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