Crystal Rum

Smoldering cigar stubs whisper
Crystal rum stained glasses
Dirty silent typist keys
Blank pages scattered all about
Thoughts regained of a sultry her
Torment his aging mind again

Moonlight through a dusty pane
Sleep escapes his eyes once more
Fingers run through graying hair
He peers into his past again
Sneaks a smile at the sight of her
Memories are mostly cruel to him

Wilted potted winter plants
Water smeared upon a ledge
Coffee stains corner the desk
Pretend to call her name out loud
Just once to hear her voice again
Fingers flick a lighter once more

Yellowed bulbs filter down
Pictures hide against the walls
Slices of smoke waft the air
To feel her face upon his lips
White tablets fetch a haunted ease
She’ll be there as he wakes again

Copyright © 1975-2020 RG Dillon. All Rights Reserved.

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