The “About” section. Where I’m supposed to regale you with all my glorious, if not merely stupendous, awards, accolades, and various literary bestowments. So, where to start. Well, okay, the first thing is that I don’t have any national or international honors hanging on my walls. Not a single one.    
  What you have run across is just a guy who likes to write. Been doing so since about the age of 10 or so. Nothing much for the most part, short stories mainly. Mostly just for myself. My young self-used to say he was going to submit to Readers Digest then Amazing Stories followed by the next great American novel. Yeah, well, that never happened. And so here we are.
    About Mineko: Book of Sisters. Mineko started her life as just a short story. I had just read a fun little novel by the title of “No Shelter” by Robert Swartwood. And so my original thought was that I could go back a few generations and give her a bad-ass grandmother who passes down that fighting spirit. So I wrote the first chapter, more or less, and then the ending. Then I let it sit for a few weeks. Next thing you know, Mineko is coming to life. If you have read Book of Sisters, thank-you, hoped you enjoyed it. If you haven’t, then, “why not?” <grins>  


What else is there to tell. When I’m not busy slaving away at the keyboard, I have these two characters. I honestly could not imagine life without them. Sophia is my precocious six-year-old going on fourteen granddaughter. Not a day goes by that we aren’t telling secrets or pinky promising something. I do wish that I would have had her understanding and vocabulary abilities when I was her age. At that age, I was just discovering that running with a bucket on my head would at some point, draw blood. LOL. She just amazes me constantly. Enough bragging? Well, okay, one more, since you asked so nicely: on a recent national test, where only a few would score a 130, this little baby-doll scored a 142. Yeah, she did. She also might be semi-spoiled and have her grandfather wrapped around her finger. That is my job though, right? LOL.


And then there is this guy. Enzo, who at the time of this writing is a year and half old now. He is an extremely spoiled rotten little Havanese. Why is he spoiled? Well, because I can and I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to do that at my age. Who would ever have guessed that I would be buying my dog little coats, sweaters and sweatshirts. Giving him high-end foods and cooking dinner for him. Brushing, baths, and groomers. I’m not saying I have, but there was that wiping his little behind deal. Just saying.

So what else is there? Grew up Navy, proud to have enlisted and served in the US Army. Married forty plus years with two daughters, whom I can’t tell if they are trying to kill me, or keep me going most days! Anything else? You’ll have to ask – Ron

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